E-WrapSTI Firestop (Specified Technologies, Inc.) launched its newest product, the E-Wrap Endothermic Wrap, for fire protection of critical circuits and infrastructures such as fire pumps, signaling equipment, elevators, alarms, process-control equipment, or Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES).

The protective wrap is installed around conduits or cable trays and provides up to two hours of circuit integrity for ensuring operation during a fire.


The E-Wrap Endothermic Wrap:

•  Is a Flexible Material:  it is easy to install, even on small-diameter conduits

•  Tested with Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) and heavier conduits

•  Requires fewer layers for necessary protection, so there is better coverage per roll

•  Endothermic: it releases chemically bound water for a cooling effect

•  Low Density: weighs less than similar wraps

•  Can be used to achieve equal F&T ratings on penetration firestop systems

•  Tested to ASTM E1725 for circuit integrity

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