Ramset toolWhen deciding on which tool and which brand of tool to use for a particular job or jobsite, it is important to do some research. Important factors such as the type of job and material being used must be taken into consideration.

United Tool and Fastener offers tools from brands that are trusted to do the job right.

Ramset has a long line of gas and powder-actuated tools for metal framing, electrical/mechanical work, exterior sheathing, insulation, wood framing, and walls and ceilings in addition to acoustical or overhead work.

The type of tool chosen depends on the type of work being performed in addition to where the work is being performed. 

Gas tools are quieter and better suited for hospitals or buildings already occupied. Gas significantly lowers cost-in-place, reduces stress on the employee, and it's much quieter to use than drilling or powder actuated tools (PATs). Gas tools require no licensing, are fast and easy to use, are quiet (with no recoil), comprise no cords or hoses, and have long fuel cell and battery lives.

In contrast, powder-actuated tools are louder and workers must be certified to use them (Ramset does offer training on their website), but they are very powerful.

OSHA and ANSI require that all powder actuated tool users become trained and certified for the particular tool being used. Ramset offers this necessary training through their website training program. This program combines interactive web-based training techniques and online testing with immediate feedback to provide a rich learning environment. The course consists of approximately 30 pages of usage, safety and troubleshooting material.

Upon completion of the course, there is an opportunity to take an online exam. Instructions for taking the exams are provided at the end of the course. Upon successful completion of the exam, a certification card can be printed.

To learn more about various Ramset tools and their uses, see below or contact our Houston showroom at 713-692-2323; our San Antonio showroom at 210-495-8665; or our College Station showroom at 979-731-8665.

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