Milwaukee Spring eventThe March 22 Milwaukee Spring Sale in College Station enticed both new and old customers from throughout the area to partake in exclusive pricing, delicious Crawfish and beautiful weather.

“It was a great event,” Milwaukee sales representative, Carlos Lopez, said. “There were plenty of people that stopped by to enjoy the Crawfish and take advantage of the promotions we were running.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for United Tool and Fastener, John Calhoun, agreed.

“There were quite a few contractors at the event that had never visited our shop before, so we got a chance to talk with them, and the Milwaukee representatives worked very hard to explain and demonstrate their products.”

Several new customers expressed how impressed they were with the quality and expansive inventory in the showroom.

“I had no idea (UTF) was here and offered all these products until I saw the Facebook ad,” one customer said. “I had to come see it for myself.”

According to Lopez, there was plenty of positive feedback on the event.

“We had a lot of customers that took advantage of the special pricing say they didn’t even know United Tool and Fastener stocked Milwaukee products, but are now sure to come to them in the future for their needs.”

One individual made the trip to take advantage of the Milwaukee special pricing to buy the one particular Milwaukee tool he didn’t own.

“I was there to get the circular saw,” Aaron Samuelson explained. “I own everything else (Milwaukee) makes.”

The College Station Milwaukee Spring sale event was the first event of its kind for Milwaukee at the College Station UTF showroom, but is certain to not be the last.

“Milwaukee was excited to partner with UTF in College Station on this event that ultimately added many new customers that are sure to shop this location for Milwaukee products. We are looking forward to doing it again in the near future.”