KNAACK PLANZBOARD™The KNAACK PLANZBOARD™ is a dedicated and versatile mobile planning station designed for construction and jobsites. The multiple-use tabletop design easily transforms a standard drawings/plans reviewing station into a collaborative meeting/review station, a mobile whiteboard for planning meetings, and a mobile signage station.

The 42-in. KNAACK PLANZBOARD’s™ tabletop base provides a strong and sturdy work surface that accommodates up to “E” size (36”x38”) architectural drawings and plans. It can be positioned in three modes, including an angled plans review mode, a vertical magnetic whiteboard mode, and a horizontal tabletop workstation mode.

The KNAACK PLANZBOARD™ encompasses 16-gauge steel construction with a powder coating finish and comprises extra-strong locking hinges for ease of use and durability.

“Approximately 95 percent of contractors use drawings or blueprints for daily work…” said KNAACK Senior Product Manager, Sang Oh.

“The new PLANZBOARD offers construction professionals the flexibility they require to not only meet the daily demands of the jobsite but also increase their efficiency.”

The KNAACK PLANZBOARD™ can be used as a standalone tabletop, or it can fit most large-sized utility carts, with or without KNAACK Cart Armour installed. Furthermore, the PLANZBOARD™ is designed to fit through finished 36-in. door frames and is magnetic. The tabletop’s white powder coat finish doubles as the whiteboard surface and comprises a built-in lip to hold necessary items such as pens or markers.

Lastly, KNAACK PLANZBOARD™ is packed flat and designed with assembly in mind, encompassing a one-size nut and bolt design, which can be easily and quickly assembled just using hand tools.

To learn more about the KNAACK PLANZBOARD™ or other KNAACK products, such as KNAACK Cart Armour, please reach out to a UT&F showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or College Station at 979-731-8665.