Chainsaw artistLocal chainsaw artist, Della Meredith, impressed customers and vendors at the 2019 United Tool and Fastener Houston One-Day Sale on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

While vendors were showcasing new and existing products, Meredith was expertly crafting a work of art from a large slab of cedar wood.

The outcome of Meredith’s several hours of work was a beautiful Astros carving that excited those in attendance.

"Everybody absolutely loved watching her work with the chainsaw," UTF owner, Bobby Williams, said.

The artist, who grew up in Pasadena, Texas, began honing her craft while studying art at Sam Houston State University.

“I have always been an artist and am also a painter. Although I studied art in college, I ultimately taught myself to carve, but attribute all my gifts from God,” Meredith explained.

After college, she taught art in middle and high schools for eight years.

“I got into carving while I was doing contract work for a palapa builder. They would hire people to carve tiki poles, so I decided to try it, and it’s how I started my personal art and woodcarving business.”

More of the artist's work and contact information can be obtained on her Della Meredith Chainsaw Carvings Facebook page.



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