southwireUnited Tool and Fastener carries the Southwire XTC-02 Mini Stripper, which is made in the USA. This single tool cleanly and safely strips wire sizes 6AWG to 1AWG and wire types THHN and XHHW.

To use the Southwire XTC-02 Mini Stripper, pull back the spring trigger, insert the wire to the proper depth, and begin to rotate the unit. When you get to the desired strip length, thump the back and the stripper will make a clean cut.

The XTC-02 Mini Stripper comprises a replaceable blade that is safely enclosed within the housing. It has a compact aluminum body that fits easily in a tool bag or pouch (height: 1.2 inches; length: 1.38 inches; depth: 5 inches).

Watch the demonstration of the Southwire XTS02 Mini Stripper below: