REED Pump Stick™The time to prepare for Hurricane Season is now-before meteorologists warn of an impending storm set to bring torrential rain and wind and flood warnings cover all media. United Tool and Fastener carries an extremely useful product for dealing with excess water or other liquid.

The REED Pump Stick™ provides a portable, lightweight, jobsite-friendly means of removing water in a variety of applications. The cordless pump stick enables liquid to be easily transferred on a variety of sites-at home, a jobsite or other facility. Universally useful, the battery-operated transfer pump is a must for contractors and maintenance departments.

The REED Pump Stick™ (with cordless power) comprises a battery-operated liquid-transfer pump that is useful in numerous applications because of its versatile construction.

The REED Pump Stick™ can be used with an operator's own 18-20V battery by replacing the battery adapter plate with one designed for common, slide-style battery models. It comprises a hard-shell, aluminum main body shaft, and for safety, the on/off switch is sealed and water-resistant.

Furthermore, the REED Pump Stick™ is capable of lifting water up to 12 feet above the bottom of the pump. For operational ease, the pump comprises a comfort-grip handle at the top, which brings the pump to 4 feet. For extra-deep reach, the optional 24-in comfort-grip handle can be added to bring the total pump length to 66.5 inches (from tip to tip). Extra hoses and hose couplings are available to complete the set-up for ultra-deep work.

To keep the impeller operative, there are multiple screens, strainers and filters from which to choose. The REED Pump Stick™ comprises a 2-ft hose, but additional length is possible using the 4- and 7-ft hose extensions (in addition to the hose coupling). A long, slim design enables the cordless stick to transfer water from deep inside small cavities because the pump is 38 inches from the bottom tip to the hose outlet.


  • Battery-operated pump transfers water at 15 gallons per minute.
  • Compatible with different battery brands by changing the battery adapter plate.
  • Adapter plates fit 18V-20V lithium ion, slide-style batteries for some popular brands.
  • Rugged, contractor-grade, impact-resistant glass-filled polycarbonate parts and aluminum body for durability and strength.
  • Water-resistant, sealed power switch for safety.
  • Secure, magnetic hose connection provides fast, reliable link.
  • Quick-change motor to lessen downtime.
  • Multiple screen/filter options.
  • Comprises 6-in., comfort-grip handle.

According to the REED website, the REED Pump Stick™ is not for use with flammable liquids.

To learn more or to buy the REED Pump Stick™, contact a local UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or College Station at 979-731-8665.