The DeWalt DCN890 Concrete Nailer comprises form and function. In the past, options for driving nails into concrete included nailing by hand or using a powder-actuated tool which required a specific certification to use gun powder rounds to drive nails into the concrete. A compressed-gas nailer was created; however, its drawback included continually having to buy the gas cartridges, thus increasing the cost of a job or project.

Therefore, the DC890 DeWalt Concrete Nailer was created, which uses only battery power and no compressed-gas cartridges.

The DeWalt 20-volt battery powers a pin that coils back and shoots forward to drive the nail into the concrete. Two types of nails can be used in the concrete nailer: the yellow nail, which is strictly for use in concrete, or the black nail, which can be used for either concrete or steel.

When loading the pins into the nailer, the DeWalt lock-and-load system is utilized. Lock the mechanism into the bottom of the loading strip, load the nails, and then release the lock to move the pins up into place. When firing the pins into concrete, depress the nosepiece until the fly spins and pull the trigger to drive the nail.