Python Safety tetherSafety on the jobsite doesn’t end with personal tethering; dropped objects are a very real danger at the workplace. At United Tool and Fastener, we want to keep our customers abreast of all the latest and best safety products.

UTF carries 3M’s Python Safety line of safety products, which includes various types of devices to keep work objects from falling or being dropped and resulting in damage or injury. Python Safety offers a wide range of tool tethering solutions to prevent jobsite accidents and injuries.

Built to be durable and long lasting, Python Safety tethers are thoughtfully designed to prevent dropped objects. Python Safety tool tethers are suitable for most tools, including hard hats, radios, hand tools, even tools weighing up to 80 lbs.

Python Safety's mission is to prevent dropped tools and equipment. The company makes work environments safer and more productive by reducing or eliminating the hazard of falling object incidents that can result in personal injury, equipment damage or tool loss. The tool lanyards and other drop-prevention products and solutions are designed for worksite mobility and are third-party tested in the harshest possible conditions.

From small tethering tools to bags to hold drills, tape measures or all your work products, Python Safety has your tethering needs covered up to 80s lbs.

To buy 3M’s Python Safety line of tethering products, contact a UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or in College Station at 979-731-8665.