blue armorWerner recently announced new safety features were added to its harnesses.

The new safety features were incorporated/designed to reduce the risk of suspension trauma in the time period immediately after a fall (called the post-fall position), thereby enabling users to position themselves into a safer hanging position.

Some fall protection harnesses are designed for users to position themselves in safe post-fall positions because maintaining proper blood flow (during suspension) is crucial to avoiding pressure on the arteries or internal injuries. Harnesses that incorporate such safety features help alleviate pressure to the major femoral and carotid arteries while workers wait for rescue.

Fall protection equipment is designed to stop a fall, but a worker can still be in danger. Immediately after a fall (the post-fall position), many users find themselves hanging upright and motionless. The hanging position can result in pressure on major arteries and excess accumulation of blood in the legs, thereby reducing blood circulation throughout the body.

 “Chair in the Air” Position

Werner has developed products that address the specific risks of suspension trauma for various construction and utility professionals. For example, the Blue Armor Fall Protection Harness was designed to address post-fall stress. The harness enables users to shift their weight into a typical and safe seated position, which helps alleviate suspension trauma and relieves pressure in the groin area and enables blood to flow.

Blue Armor Harnesses Safety Features

The Blue Armor (H112005) Standard Harness comprises 1 D-ring and features built-in relief handles to achieve the “Gravity Override” seated position, which helps reduce the potential hazards of suspension trauma.  The WebAlert™ inspectable webbing and impact indicators makes inspection easier and wear more obvious.

Furthermore, the 5-point adjustments on the Blue Armor (H112005) Standard Harness enable an optimal fit, and the lightweight hardware and breathable compression padding is designed to protect the user and prevent tangling.

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Watch a demo video below of how to inspect a Werner Blue Armor (H112005) Standard Harness.