PIP Offers Fogless EyewearUnited Tool and Fastener is excited to offer PIP’s fogless eye protection.

The lens enables workers to continue working in humid or wet environments, when transitioning between indoor and outdoor or other different environments without the lens fogging.

These types of lenses are especially helpful now when masks are required in many work and public places due to Covid-19.

What is the difference between anti-fog and fogless eye protection?

Anti-fog eyewear comprises lenses with a special coating that keep eyewear from fogging, but after a certain amount of uses or cleaning, begins to wear off.

In contrast, fogless eyewear lenses are made of a special technology that is inherent to the lens; therefore, the eyewear remains fogless.

Lenses fog for many reasons, and all are related to ambient temperature and moisture in the air. When a rapid temperature change occurs (like when going from a cool office to a hot, humid warehouse), micro-water droplets in the air will collect on untreated lenses, causing the lenses to fog and impede vision. FogLess® 3Sixty™ Technology provides the ultimate fog prevention when transitioning between warm and cool environments, working in a humid or wet environment, engaging in an activity that causes perspiration, or when eye protection is used with respiratory equipment.

The hydrophobic technology repels moisture and prevents fog from gathering on lenses.

The Ultimate Fog Prevention:

  • Enhanced hydrophobic action resists lens fogging, providing workers clear vision in extreme conditions
  • Bonded durable coating resists cleaning and wear
  • Multiple styles available for use in varied work environments
  • Available on a variety of Bouton Optical safety eyewear and goggles

BOUTON FOGLESS® 3SIXTY™ was tested in accordance to procedures outlined in the European EN 166 standard. In performing this test, lenses were pre-treated and repeatedly exposed to moisture for an extensive period, wiping continually to simulate harsh conditions.

According to PIP, The FOGLESS® 3SIXTY™ lenses remained clear even after six minutes of testing with no other product with standard anti-fog treatment coming close to the same results.

Bouton® Fogless®3Sixty™ Technology applies a densely bonded coating that continues to bead away water and moisture, even after repeated cleaning.

To learn more or to buy PIP fogless eyewear,  contact a local UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or College Station at 979-731-8665.