PIP Welding GlovesUnited Tool and Fastener is proud to now offer the Protective Industrial Products (PIP) line of welding safety products.

Some of our newest offerings include:

  Grain Palm Driver Glove features split cowhide on back of hand which provides comfort, durability, excellent abrasion resistance, and breathability. It also offers a snug elastic wrist and keystone thumb, which is ergonomic, reduces hand fatigue, and offers superior dexterity and durability (item 9414). This glove is ideal in construction, machine operation, light duty welding, utility work, farming, roping and other general applications.

•  Premium Elk Stick Glove with reinforced straight thumb and foam and cotton lining gives welders additional heat protection but still absorbs moisture. The Kevlar® thread adds strength and burn resistance, and stays flexible when exposed to heat (item 9060). Furthermore, a split cowhide leather cuff adds forearm protection and allows for easy on and off, and a reinforced thumb crotch extends glove life, enhances comfort, increases abrasion resistance and adds durability in a high-wear area.

•   Premium Cowhide Glove comprises a double-reinforced wing thumb, cotton lining, and Kevlar® thread for extra strength and burn resistance (item 9051). The glove is ideal for welding and handling hot, heavy material. The side split cowhide leather construction provides comfort, durability, excellent abrasion resistance, and breathability.

•  Premium Goatskin/Cowhide MIG Glove features a reinforced straight thumb, Kevlar® thread for additional strength and burn resistance, and fleece lining for additional heat protection (item 6143). The top grain goatskin leather construction is the softest, most abrasion-resistant leather and is highly recommended for applications requiring tactile sensitivity. This glove is ideal for Mig welding and automotive assembly.

•  Premium Kidskin TIG Welder Glove comprises a straight thumb, Kevlar® thread for added strength and burn resistance, and split leather 4-in. gauntlet cuff for added forearm protection (which allows for easy on and off) (item 6141). The top-grain kidskin leather construction is lightweight and more supple compared to goatskin.

•  FR Sateen Cotton Jacket features a pop-up welders collar with snap closure, sateen fabric with anodized snaps and rivets with leather reinforcement, and scribe/soapstone pocket on the left sleeve (item 7050).

To buy or learn more about PIP or any of its welding or safety products, contact a UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or in College Station at 979-731-8665.

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