Metaltech stiltsUnited Tool and Fastener is excited to announce the launch of Metaltech’s newest product: drywall stilts.

All UTF showrooms (Houston, San Antonio and College Station) will carry the economical and sturdy drywall stilts.

“We are now stocking Metaltech stilts. They are a very well made product with a competitive price point,” UTF President, Bobby Williams, explained.

The new stilts are BuildMan Grade, which are products built to endure the most rugged jobsite environments-from truck to jobsite and jobsite to jobsite. BuildMan stilts are made tough for safety, whether the job involves drywall, ceiling systems or performing maintenance on equipment or buildings.

The stilts comprise adjustable heights with a reach up to 10 ft with the tallest model and a 225-lb load capacity, and come as 18-30” stilts and 24-40” stilts. Furthermore, the padded, comfort straps are durable, fully adjustable and secure, and enable workers to combat fatigue.

Metaltech Drywall Stilts feature:

•  Adjustable strut tube provides a perfect leg fit

  Secure, self-locking metal buckle straps

  All Aluminum, lightweight construction

  Dual- spring action for more flexibility and a natural walking feel

  One-piece rubber outsole contact grip