Astros group pic

Local chainsaw artist, Della Meredith, impressed customers and vendors at the 2019 United Tool and Fastener Houston One-Day Sale on Wednesday, Oct. 16 by crafting a unique piece of Astros art.

While venders were showcasing new and existing products, Meredith was expertly crafting the work of art from a large slab of cedar wood.

The outcome of Meredith’s multiple hours of work was a beautiful Astros wood carving that excited and impressed those in attendance.

"Everybody absolutely loved watching her work with that DeWalt cordless chainsaw," UTF owner, Bobby Williams, said.

The one-of-a-kind piece was so beloved that local television channel ABC 13 called UTF owner, Bobby Williams, to do an interview about the Astros artwork and the local artist, Della Meredith, right on the heels of a win by the Astros in the 2019 World Series.

All the fanfare over the unique UTF Astros wood carving has caused Meredith to be inundated with calls by Astros fans for their own versions of the piece.

"The Channel 13 segment was a great way to showcase our United Tool and Fastener Astros spirit."