Edge Fall Protection System (EFPS)Tie Down has unveiled its Edge Fall Protection System (EFPS), an efficient way to protect workers in an array of industries from the hazards of leading-edge falls.

Tie Down's Edge Fall Protection System (EFPS) keeps workers safe with wind tunnel verification up to 110 mph in addition to meeting OSHA and ANSI safety requirements.

The Tie Down EFPS comes with easy-to-use accessories such as a corner return bracket that make the EFPS product an extremely cost-effective system. Kits are available in 780 linear-foot bundles.

Additionally, the Tie Down EFPS system offers a double-stack feature that meets OSHA 1926, ANSI A10, and CSA standards. Furthermore, this leading-edge product includes a go/no-go indicator for quick verification of a properly installed perimeter edge system. A red indicator shows when installation is incorrect.

Tie Down's Edge Fall Protection System (EFPS) advantages:
•  100% steel system
•  Recyclable system offers additional savings with steel scrap recovery and wood disposals compared to traditional systems

•  Drill free option for ceilings up to 12 ft. and 14 ft. with Tie Down’s additional compression post extension
•  Faster installation than wood and cable rail systems, providing an
average installation time of 10' / min (Total cycle time of 400' / 3 hours)
•  High-visibility color onsite and uniform look with custom colors available
•  ½-in. fine steel mesh for additional debris protection, with wind load rates of 110 mph
•  Quick visual inspection is possible with visible red indicator showing incorrect installation.

To learn more about Tie Down's Edge Fall Protection System (EFPS), or any Tie Down products,  contact a local UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or College Station at 979-731-8665. Please watch the demonstration video below for more information about Tie Down's Edge Fall Protection System (EFPS) and how it works.