Spectra Layout SystemThe Spectra QuickMark Layout is a new way to perform interior layout.  The system uses two laser beams that mark a visible “X” at the desired point location. The user simply taps the desired point on the tablet controller, and the lasers position the X at that location on the floor and ceiling.

Complicated layout shapes such as arcs and multilayered serpentine soffits become easy to layout. The lasers are controlled by an intuitive Android tablet application.  Setup is accomplished through a quick process of locating two known control points on the job sites. The QML800 uses red beam lasers and the QML800G uses high-visibility green beam lasers.

BuildView Field Software

Using the Spectra QML800, architectural files can now be loaded directly onto a tablet. The floorplan can be viewed in the BuildView field software, which is powerful, fast, and simple to use. Locating a point on the floor is as simple as tapping on the desired intersection or point on the drawing.

BuildView Office Software

The QML800 also includes licensing to BuildView Office computer software. Architectural drawings can be opened and viewed in this program, and job files can be reviewed for completeness. Issues can be addressed with the architects, general contractors and contract managers before arriving at the jobsite, thus enabling a more productive first day of layout.

No Measuring

The Spectra QML800 QuickMart Layout eliminates calculations and tape reading errors. Marking errors are not compounded since points are successive points that are not measured from previous points. Furthermore, complex shapes such as serpentine soffits and curved walls are easy and quick to layout.

The QML800 also includes a clever “Column Buster” function that provides quick workaround when columns are in the way so that columns no longer block location points. The system is ideal for drywall contractors, MEP contractors, general contractors, construction managers and architects. Other layout tasks, including warehouse racking, factories, office walls / cubicle layout, are also enhanced.

Work Around Clutter

Clutter and pallets of material on the jobsite floor are a challenge for layout crews. The “Clutter Buster” accessory (an option on the QML800) enables layout specialists to capture the laser X above the clutter and translate the point to the floor with a laser plumb pointer. The “Clutter Buster” accessory is standard in the QML800G package and optional for the QML800.


Spectra QML800/QML800G QuickMark Layout Facts:

  Layout is completed in 1 day instead of 3 or 4 days

  56% reduction in labor hours

  1/8” accuracy across the entire floor

  Eliminate errors: marking errors are not carried forward

  1200+ linear feet per day by a typical two-person crew with minimal training

  In and out before other trades start blocking working space

The QML800 all-inclusive package consists of two red beam lasers, two tripods with canvas bag, a 7-in. controller, LP30 pointer and beam interceptor, chargers, laser-enhancement glasses, carrying case and instructions.

The QML800G all-inclusive package consists of two green beam lasers, two tripods with canvas bag, an 8-in. controller, LP20G green beam pointer and beam interceptor with white and green targets, clutter buster, chargers, laser- enhancement glasses, rolling carrying case and instructions.

To order the system(s), please contact our Houston showroom at 713-692-2323 or visit 6320 North Shepherd
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between 6am and 5pm Monday through Friday; 210-495-8665 in San Antonio or 979-731-8665 in College Station.

For more information about the QML800 layout system, you can watch the youtube videos below. Additionally, you can watch the full set of QML800G QuickMark Layout tutorials here.