UTF Safety TrainingOn any given day in the United States, two people on average die per day from falls (approximately 750 a year). Many of these deaths and accidents are preventable with the right training-especially for those who work in the construction industry.

“Over 100,000 accidents from falls occur each year,” United Tool and Fastener Safety Training Specialist and OSHA Outreach Instructor, Charlie Gertson, said.

There are ways, though, to prevent these falls from happening. United Tools and Fastener (UTF) offers expert hands-on safety training at company sites or at the UTF training facility in Houston.

“There are multiple ways to keep from falling, but two ways are the use of barricades and hole covers. Hole covers must have the word ‘Hole’ written over it,” Gertson continued.

Some might think such information to be common sense, but many of these accident prevention techniques and lessons are scenarios the average person has simply not considered.

Most people have been using ladders since they could ride a bike, but few realize all the risks associated with ladders (which is why these safety classes are so important).

“When was the first time you used or got on a ladder?” Gertson asked a group attending the fall protection and ladder training. “For many of us, it was somewhere between the ages of five and eight. We didn’t get any special training.”

But serious injury can occur from falling from a ladder, into a hole that is left uncovered, or from using the wrong harness, which is why UTF offers its myriad of training.

Injury prevention occurs from proper safety training in addition to proper product utilization.

“The right harness, for example, can be the difference between life and death,” Gertson said. “We sell the best harnesses and teach you the right way to use them.”