PIP Safety vestUnited Tool and Fastener carries the safety clothing products of Protective Industrial Products (PIP), which enable those in the construction industry and beyond to remain safe while working.

PIP offers a wide range of safety products, including clothing such as vests, hats, gloves and glasses.

Roadwork, construction and emergency response are not limited to the daytime, and therefore, it is essential workers can be easily seen in all types of light conditions. PIP offers various high-visibility (Hi-Vis) garments for all hazardous working environments, because being seen is important (but so is staying warm and dry).

The ANSI Standard

The ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 is the approved standard for high-visibility safety apparel and accessories. Garments are broken down into performance class categories based on worker hazards and tasks, the complexity of the job site, and vehicular traffic and speed.

Type O garments are made for off-road applications.

Type R garments are for workers who are exposed to highway traffic and includes exposure to vehicles using the highway for travel, temporary traffic control (TTC) zones or work or construction vehicles within a TTC zone.

Type P garments enhance visibility for emergency and incident responders and law enforcement personnel in roadway and off-road environments.

PIP offers many styles and types of Hi-Vis (high visibility) vests to best fit a particular working environment.                                                               

Types of Vests

  Breakaway:  These vests have a 5-point breakaway system for wearers to quickly remove the vests for additional safety when working around extreme traffic hazards or moving machinery or equipment.

  Surveyors:  These comprise specialized pockets to accommodate tablets, phones, maps and other necessary jobsite equipment.

  Limited flammability: These vests are treated and designed to prevent afterflame for up to 25 washes. When a flame source is removed from the material, the vest self-extinguishes.

  Expandable:  Adjustable hook-and-loop closure at the sides of these vests create a comfortable and universal fit.

•  Everyday value:  Basic vests at economy price point with pockets keep equipment and devices convenient and secure.

•  Arc rated:  Arc Rated, Flame Resistant vests that are meant to be worn over AR/FR clothing. No melt/no drip modacrylic fabrics, hook-and-loop closure, and reflective tap and binding enable the garments to resist ignition and self-extinguish.

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