Since OSHA set new respirable Silica dust regulations that went into effect in Sept. 2017, contractors must use equipment that meets those new rules. DeWalt has Silica dust equipment to meet those new OSHA regulations. They affect any jobsite that deals with grinding applications. There are specific engineering controls that can be put into effect to meet the new rules.

The DeWalt extractor is the heart of the DeWalt dust-control system. To be OSHA compliant during drilling applications, there must be a HEPA filter, a commercially-available shroud and a filter-cleaning mechanism on the dust extractor.

When doing grinding or cutting applications, there must be a filter-cleaning mechanism, 99 percent filter efficiency, a commercially-available shroud and 25 cfm per wheel used.

DWV012 Dust Extractor features:

  • 10-gallon tank to collect Silica dust/debris
  • Four castors
  • Dual HEPA filters/ filter-cleaning mechanism (while one is being cleaned, the other is working; they can alternate back and forth. Therefore, no suction is lost while the filter is being cleaned).
  • Comprises air-lock fit system so workers do not have to worry about the tool or shroud coming loose during use. One click enables the system to click into place and be taken apart.

DWV010 Dust Extractor features:

  • Eight-gallon tank to collect Silica dust/debris
  • Four castors
  • Dual HEPA filters/ filter-cleaning mechanism
  • Tool-activation port (to plug in tool)
  • Comprises air-lock system with the one-click activation (so there is no need for tape like on a press-fit unit to keep things from coming apart).
  • Meets 99 percent filter efficiency required during grinding and cutting
  • HEPA filter required by OSHA when drilling
  • Commercially-available shroud

DWE46153 5-inch Surface Grinding Kit

  • Comprises DWE46005 Handle
  • Comprises DWE46152 Surface Shroud
  • The handle can come off, but pieces won’t be lost on the job site because all pieces are connected to each other.
  • Comprises the one-click air-lock system

DWE46103 6-inch High-Performance Tuckpoint/Cutting Grinder

  • Shroud is available separately (DWE46100)
  • Depth adjustment
  • 90-degree rotating door
  • Connect to one-click air-lock system