New PIP Ear PlugsThe new PIP Disposable Ear Plugs feature PowerSoft Foam Technology, a foam that results in an optimally-sized cell structure that expands gently and evenly inside the ear canal. Ultimately, this results in full-day comfort and considerable noise reduction.

Ear canals are like fingerprints and are unique to each person. Therefore, foam ear plugs are the most popular choice of hearing protection in the workplace because they are versatile and economical.

What Makes a Great Ear Plug?

Optimal rebound time is critical to achieving a proper acoustic seal in both ear canals.  Ear plugs that rebound too fast do not fit consistently in both ears.

Ultimately, the worker spends needless time attempting to achieve consistent acoustic seals for both ears.

The correct use of ear plugs is critical to ensuring optimal hearing protection, and many people don’t properly roll-down ear plugs. Improper use can minimize the effectiveness of the hearing protection device.

A comfortable ear plug will ultimately ensure a worker wears his ear protection correctly and consistently.

PIP offers an array of styles to meet worker’s needs:

  • Mega Bullet (267-HPF210) 32 NRR
  • Nano Bullet (267-HPF310) 28 NRR
  • Mega Flare (267-HPF410) 32 NRR
  • Mega T-Fit (267-HPF510) 32 NRR
  • SoftStar (267-HPF710) 30 NRR
  • EZ-Twist (267-HPF610) 30 NRR

To learn more about the NEW PIP Disposable Ear Plugs featuring PowerSoft Foam Technology or other PIP products, please contact a UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or in College Station at 979-731-8665.