Millwaukee Pipe ThreaderMilwaukee has unveiled the Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Pipe Threader with ONE-KEY™ technology, changing the pipe threading process.

The cordless pipe threader features AutoStop™ technology that senses severe kickback and automatically shuts off the tool. It also has a die head lock that prevents die head ejection and a side handle to eliminate the need to hold the spinning die head when starting threads. The portable pipe threader delivers substantial tool control and functionality.

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Pipe Threader features a multi-speed selector. This powerful pipe threader threads faster than corded competitors, maximizing productivity without compromising thread quality. The metal pipe threader enables workers to thread up to 2 inches of black iron pipe, stainless steel, and rigid metal conduit (RMC).

The handheld pipe threader is compatible with ONE-KEY™ technology and is the industry's first pipe threader that wirelessly connects to a smartphone to track the tool's location, manage it in inventory, and lock the tool out for added security.


  AUTOSTOP™ kickback control prevents severe kickback

•  Threads faster than corded products

•  Offset die head for closer threading near pipe bends and against walls

•  Dedicated support arm enables threading without pipe stand

•  Multiple-speed selector optimizes thread quality across pipe sizes

•  POWERSTATE™ brushless motor provides more power, more run time, and longer life

•  Magnesium-enforced carry handle

•  Side-grip thread starts

•  Side grip and die head retention lock for no engagement with spinning die head

•  Compatible with ridgid® 12-R and Reed R12+ die heads

•  More than 25 2-in. pipe threads per charge

•  One-Key™ Electronic Intelligence enables advanced communication between batteries and tools for unmatched performance, protection, and productivity.

•  Fits M18™ batteries

To learn more about the Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Pipe Threader or other Milwaukee products, please contact a UTF showroom in Houston at 713-692-2323; in San Antonio at 210-495-8665; or in College Station at 979-731-8665.